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Written (for me) by C.J.

I love it. It nicely captured the idea of the Kini.Kini.Revolution, the reasons to get involved in the crusade for social change in Ranao.

Please visit C.J.'s blog at Maranao.Women.E. She talks about the empowerment of Maranao women.

Revisiting the past to take it to the future
An advocacy that I shall not surrender
Odds are everywhere, they shall be beaten
Until such time that our children
Learn to imbibe in their souls what time has hidden.

Lost I was in a maze of confusion
Uncertain of my life’s own mission
Clipping hearts and souls everywhere
Mistakes made, I did not care
A lot of brief encounters passed me by
Now and then I would ask, “who am I?’

Bolting into my mind like fleeting thunder
A thought that made me ponder
Nowhere shall I go but to eternity
Thus I must find my purpose with intensity.
Ultimately, my search led me to my roots so vast
And I find a society drifting away so fast
Such sorrowful event pushes me to rekindle the past.

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