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May 2009 Blog Posts (4)

Si Arimaonga

This is the Iranaon version of the Disney's block-buster movie, The Lion King but in this story the lion is the scared animal. Can you believe that this story was told by the Iranaons probably hundreds of years before the making of the Disney movie? Pamliin aki.

With sound… Continue

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Ino isako gowani na so manga wata na di panotholan... Kna oba langon so manga okit okit o manga loks na oba makasosopak ko agama. Miya da dn so ka M'mranawi o da so kabagr o kpit iran ko manga a okit okit iran. They were not so bad. Sktano na sasalobaan tano so manga saruang a… Continue

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Arata Wata Got Married

This is the first of the series of video interviews that Baooai took in Ranao last month. This one is a story of how Arata Wata got married to Ting-ting a Bolawan, the princess and daughter of Sulutan sa Agama Niyog. Please do not hesitate to add your version of the… Continue

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Singanin Akn

Singanin Akn

Words & Music by Amomoai

(C) ArataWata.Com 2009

Adn a singanin akn

Ko manga pagari akn

A mala on

So Bang'nsa

Mamimikiran tano

Sa mapia a sowaan

Sa di ka pos o bang'nsa

Sa di ka da o agama

Sa kapaka piya tano

Sa Pangampong a Ranao



Kapdi'pdi kabo

Ka mada so bang'nsa

Na pagonoton so agama

Na dowaan iyan… Continue

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